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We offer private, group, corporate and kids yoga practices to help body-mind connection, self-awareness, mindfulness and improved strength and flexibility, both physically and mentally.



The great thing about yoga is that it is not just all about the movements (the asana). Yoga can be if you chose, a way of living; a change in mindset and a new perspective.


Stressful demanding jobs, busy home lives and a constant stream of thoughts and worries make it very important to give ourselves permission to just be, 

The true meaning of yoga is 'CHITTA VRITTI NARODHA' - To calm the fluctuations of the mind, this can be near impossible with the digitally connected modern-day lives we lea .allowing time out to clear our minds and shed negative tension from our bodies. 

Your yoga classes are designed to help you strengthen, loosen, mobilise and realign your body releasing mental & physical tension helping relieve pain to live life with comfort and ease. 

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Learning to move your body in a way it enjoys is the best form of exercise.

We can be more committed to something we enjoy. On the physical yoga helps with weight management, muscle tone, bone density, flexibility, balance & strength. Emotionally yoga can bring clarity to mind, and space to make sense of our busy schedules. 

Combining the two parts of a yoga practice - Asana (poses/ physical) and Dhyana (meditation/ emotional), brings more awareness to yourself helping you make better choices and healthier decisions to lead a more balanced and harmonious life.

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It is so important for those who weight-train to stretch, slow down, use body strength and explore the range of motion/mobility regularly. Mixing these two very different types of training will help you with:

  • Increase all over body strength,

  • Less chance of injury

  • Improved joint biomechanics

  • Increase vascular health

  • Conserved energy

  • Improved endurance & flexibility.

  • Better breathing functioning.

  • Better balance and coordination.

  • Enhanced body awareness (kinesthesia)

  • Improved mental focus and control.

  • Reduced stress, anxiety, depression & pain

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FWD.Fit is pleased to work with S O U L P U R P O S E to bring you yoga to our facility. 

There is absolutely no experience or fitness level required, everything is adaptable. Classes are made up of stretching, yoga flow, breathing technique, and relaxation. SOULPURPOSE are experienced with practising yoga with the elderly, special needs, recovery/rehabilitation, kindergarten, school children of all ages, and sporting teams/ athletes. 

CLASSES WILL BE STARTING SOON. To register interest please hit the button below. 

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